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Panel Templat


My first headache was finding information on the panel and the instruments. Unlike information for the BF109 Project, info is lacking. I managed to obtain the parts catalogue for the Macchi C202 which gave me an insight into the basic shape of the panel and where the holes for the instruments were.

My next piece of luck came via an original aircraft Clock (Sonia). I found an article which described the clock as being 65mm across.

Likewise the only instrument I found measurements for was the Variometro Gauge. The drawing showed the gauge to be 79mm in diameter (the bezel which would be seen through the panel) which would suggest a hole of 80-81mm.

Armed with this info I blew up the basic panel drawing (obtained from Przemystaw Skulskisí Macchi C.202 Folgore book, page 88) until the hole for the Variometro Gauge reached 80mm respectfully. I now have a panel template, see below:

Al Z
BF109 Panel
Macchi C202
Tertius Primus Erit
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