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Sonia Clock cont.....

PMs - Happy New year!!!

Thanks for the encouragement guys, I'm glad you like this style of paper modeling, I hope it catches on and other guys give it a go. I have had a number of Pers Messages asking for further details and other interesting ideas, I will assist where I can.

As for the clock. I had a bash at her this evening. As you may remember, the centre section required painting and the bezel face required knurling around the edge. on my last clock I used plastic packaging. I had a thought and made my own knurling or corrugation as I think its called out of paper.

I cut a piece of paper the required thickness:

I next utilised the cap of my fluorescent paint as a press:

Once pressed to the cap with a tooth pick the paper looked like this:

This I then stuck to the upper clock face bezel:

Looks quite effective:

I next painted the bezel and the centre section black:

I placed the clock hands and second hand on the face then attached the bezel,

If all goes well, I should be able to construct the brass winder/adjuster tomorrow (finishing the clock before returning back to work).

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