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Here We Go !!!

So lets get this show on the road .. or road on the show .. what ever ..

So it appears i have finished editing all the files ready to start the build .. (first pic)

In this post i'm going to get the boring stuff out of the way , then in my next post i should have started with the build..

Ok ... so .. this is a build thread..of my edit of a model available for FREE online at the YAMAHA Papercraft website here


In this edit of the MT-10 Ultra Realistic model, i have scaled up the parts from 100% to 150% , i did also start changing some of the line weights, gave up half way through , was taking to long .All parts had to be selected seperatley and re-scaled,and re-positioned on the pages.920 parts !!

the original is in 3 parts
part 1 :21 pages
part 2 :16 pages
part 3 :10 pages
Total :47 pages

the re-scale:
66 pages total

Progams used for this are :
.PDF unlocker (original files are locked) ..... can be found here maybe , maybe not .. not a real link!! go look!!
Adobe Illustraiter ....... versions can be found here
Adobe Acrobat Pro ..... versions can be found here

Software used is just my preference .. there are others that can do the same job..

There are a total of 920 parts over 103 steps in the build (a couple of parts also needed to be broken into multiple parts due to edit), this is not included in the part count..

So apart from the software E.T.C we have the following to use: (also see pics)

Brother DCP-J132W Printer (fitted with Re-Fillable cartridges)
Generic Re-fill inks
UHU "Twist & Glue"
A4 Card , 200GSM roughly 0.2mm thick
oh .. and some cheap felt tips for the edge coloring

And the usual collection of cutting and scoring equipment ...

apart from this i am just using a phone camera for the build pics..don't have anything better .. sorry..

i am expecting 2 new webcams in the post soon , so might do a few videos too if i can ..

so i think thats about it ...

see ya soon

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