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My build. I opted out of adding the small crescent finials, because I'll probably end up mailing this to someone, and it's fragile enough as is.

I printed it on 11 x 17 cardstock at FedEx Office, so it has a nice slick, toy-like surface. I didn't bother to darken the scored edges, because it's cartoon-y enough that I don't think it needs that kind of fine craftsmanship.

I laminated the big banana shapes on to some black museum board for stability.

It's not really hung properly yet. I'm thinking about using some heavy wire to make the crescent extend around into a complete circle, and hanging it from that.

As others in the thread have noted, the fit of some pieces is pretty terrible, but the model is so charming, I don't think it matters if some of the pieces are a little cattywumpus.

In progress:
Moon Palace-c1nih-rusaa7ih0.jpg-large.jpg

Moon Palace-c1swsskukaa2bct.jpg-large.jpg
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