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Thank you elliot. The last days I have been busy with a little addition I wanted to make.

When I saw the build of the large level I remembered the scene - and the room - in the TV mini series Shogun where the Blackthorne character is introduced to Toranaga. I instantly wanted to create a version of that for my set.

So I went and researched what I could find of the net. Mostly I found pieces of artwork representing that (and other) location(s) and the period. Then I had to find a way to mix it all together to form an usable texture for the walls of my set.

After some experimenting and repeating various steps of cutting, pasting, sampling, color grading etc. I was able to create these textures for the "ohiroma" (great audience hall).

I do hope the spirits of the excellent original art I have mashed up here to fit my needs, will forgive my almost sacrilegious workflow, but I am very happy with the result.

Long side walls (the dark wooden bars have been lightended up to match the original references, see next pic)

The short walls

And the tatami floors with plain and ornament borders (actually the pattern is different for this hall, I have created both styles)

Now I have to wait until the printed sheets are dry pressed and then I am very excited to see the build finished!
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