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Why make it when you can just wimp out and buy it?

First time I built my PTBoat model, I used wire for the Railings around the Gun Turrets
and at the rear of the Boat, next to the AA Gun.

This time, when I recently built my Disruptive Camouflage PTBoat, I decided to experiment.
I had already printed the 1:1 patterns for the railings (that are included in the kit).

Its just black line art on cardstock.
So, I coated one side with a thick coat of white glue and let it dry thoroughly.
(A full day)

Then I turned it over and traced the patterns with a Black marker,
and coated it with white glue again.

Another day to dry...
and then I hand cut out the Railings with my Hobby Knife.

I rushed through it, leaving a narrow white outline on the printed side.
I could have cut the lines much thinner and tighter, but I actually thought
the white edges would help the railings stand out a bit.
(And the fact that the Boat is black and kind of made sense)

It turned out to be a cheap and easy...and quick way of making Paper Railings.
For me, to keep as much of the model as possible in Paper, was my goal.

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