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Originally Posted by PaperLab View Post
Bearing something unexpected, Iíll be coming to Hamilton too. The same problem with the table though, way too late to get one. And since I donít have any completed paper models for the competition Iíll be there just to admire other people master pieces.

BTW Isaac did you see the latest Maly Modelarz...? Itís Mig-29. When I was at Starsky they only had one copy left, now sold out...


I talked to them about a table back when we first met a few months ago. So it was not really too late. They just don't want to deal with paper models at all. I even asked for a display only table ( non competition ).

Regarding the Mig, I did not go to Starsky, so I did not know they had this kit. Do you know if they are ordering more? If not, that is OK since I have many models waiting to be built.

Hopefully I will see you at the show on Sunday.

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