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Cool Nice event at the Hamilton airport contest

Went to the event. It was a great venue surrounded by real planes. Other than no paper, there was a good turnout in plastic. Also, lots of vendors including non aviation related.

The place is very big and open and that helped make it feel free floating.

And yes, they had plenty of room to accommodate a table for displaying our paper models.

I met Darius at the event, It was great to talk. Also, we are thinking of another paper get together in a few months.

Here are a few pics from the event including Star Wars characters
Toronto mini get together-dsc_0320.jpg

Toronto mini get together-dsc_0336.jpg
Toronto mini get together-dsc_0129.jpgToronto mini get together-dsc_0197.jpgToronto mini get together-dsc_0317.jpgToronto mini get together-dsc_0350.jpg

Toronto mini get together-dsc_0354.jpg

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