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Build your own TDRS Model

Just in time for the PR Department and engineers across the TDRS program to get bored with my pleading requests for clarification and details, the ESC Department announced a challenge for kids to build TDRS.

When I first saw it I was going to cry that I got beat out of another design idea. Then I realized the template provided was definitely a lot more kid friendly than my intended audience.

So, deep breath, TDRS is shaping up. I'm still laying out the design. the Bus and PVA are complete. I'm designing the PVAs to be sandwiching a single piece of cardboard that will be cross linked through the bus to prevent dramatic sagging. I hope prototyping will bear the plan out. Now I'm laying out the single access antennas and next will be struts.

Scale? 1:25 Go big or go home right? We'll see if it comes together. The scale in this picture is definitely off, but I wanted to show it kind of "together."

Hope you're looking forward.
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