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Olsztyn Castle

It seems ages since I last posted any pictures - too busy making and not photoing!

I decided it was time to make another model by GPM. I didn't want anything too ambitious so I chose one of the smaller castles.

Olsztyn is in the northern part of Poland and the castle's real name is "Zamek Kapituly Warminskiej.

Like many of the GPM buildings they are easier to make than pronounce the name. This one is 1:200 and is about 30x30 CM. The early work is making the base which takes up a lot of templates glued to card. Where I worked, most of the correspondence we received came by courier and I now have quite a collection of card and it's just right for reinforcing panels - and walls.

The parts fitted together well and I had no problems with language - there are no printed word instructions but sufficient drawings to work out what goes where. Although, the drawings were a little confusing because they kept swapping the view angle.

Despite that, it was a pleasant build of a castle that doesn't have a WOW factor but looks good despite my model making;-)

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