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Your build is somewhat twisted and askew.
I believe this is because you did not use my internal glue tabs
(and added your own edge folding tabs).
As I said, at this scale (1/100), the thickness of the card is enough
to severely offset the connections and skew the shape of the body.
My Tug is much straighter and less twisted because I used the internal tabs. IMO

You will also notice the smaller 1/144 version (in my photos).
I went with a much simpler construction which can be reduced even further with less headache.

Wheels and chass are 2D...part of the body sides...
and the whole body is only three parts.
The Cab is now part of the body sides.
The only extra detail parts are the Hitch plates and the front headlight strip (1 part).

You can easily add more details though.
I added a roof beacon lamp using a slice from a toothpick (painted orange).
And the 'box' detail on the rear deck, is just two layers of card.

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