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Originally Posted by croden View Post
Would you also be able to design neo engines?

Sorry Chris....... I've been asked not to do the NEOs, someone else is working on them. (It's a surprise....shhh!) But I will do the IEA 25XX engines for the A319, A320, A321.........and I'll probably leave the sharklets alone too. I kinda like the original winglets.

Aer Lingus is coming alone, just got tired of building the green cockpit trying to get that line correct across all those parts.

Right now I'm leaning on A321 liveries as that is what I've got scaled and detailed up at the moment. So don't get discouraged if you don't see your favorite airlines coming up at the moment.........there are only just so many that fly the A321. And I'm working on these in-between all my other recolors so there is that also.

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