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Originally Posted by John Bowden View Post
To all: as soon as I get them finished I'll post them up in the download section.

I'm still getting everything aligned, details, re-scaled and re-designed..........

I just finished re-scaling and coloring the wings and engines and pylons. Still need to test build everything, and then I have to re-scale the wing supports and modify them (if necessary) and work up a tail structure and stab supports. So it will be a little longer before they are available. Right now I'm using Bamboo Skewers for support........they work but not a proper support.

Herky: I use 110# Card Stock that I get from WalMart here in the States. It's made by George Pacific, called Premium Card Stock. (pic attached). It's used to make greeting cards and such, but I use it for all my builds.

Also there are several internal formers to stiffen the fuselage, and when I finish it I will suggest cutting the larger parts of the fuselage at the panel joints so it easier to make sure everything is glued together well. I'll leave the parts large for those who just don't want to have many joints, and also it easier to have the livery across as few parts as necessary.

N96HBK: Thanks but at this scale I can test build as long as I don't get bored looking at the same parts and colors until I get everything right..

Chris: Vector format? Haven't decided, so far it's been a lot of work getting this done, so vector files might be possible, but not at first.

But you know, there is nothing stopping anyone from creating their own files........then you will see the process I went/going through. Hope you understand, I want to do several recolors and want to do them myself.
just checking because of the size the model will be.
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