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Originally Posted by Miles Linnabery View Post
Dear Becky:
First question what did you use for the water in skull cove?
I painted the base with a mix of blue and green acrylics and then I poured on hot glue. Actually, this was an experiment that went a bit wrong. I've been using hot glue for water for awhile now but I've never done it over such a wide area. Here's the 20K lagoon at the base of the Matterhorn:

All I did here was run the glue gun back and forth as fast as I could, which often meant I was pushing the glue (with both hands) through the gun faster than it wanted to go. The problem with doing this is that eventually the glue in the chamber won't come out anymore because it's just too cool. So you have to stop and wait until it heats up again. This leaves visible lines and you can fairly easily see two of them coming away from the front of the Monorail pylon parallel to the dock structure.

To counter that issue, I decided to try an actual pour of a very large amount of glue at one time. I melted about a dozen mini glue sticks in an old vegetable can on the stove. When it was ready, I picked it up from the stove with a pair of vice grips and hightailed it back to the work table. The pour went OK, but it "heaped" up and threatened to flow right over the dock which should have ended up about 1/8 inch out of the water. If you look at this pic here:

You can see that the water level rises up closer to the ship than at the far right end of the dock. This is "the heap" of glue that occurred during the pour as I tried desperately with a hair dryer to push the glue away from the dock. This also created ripples, which is great but I couldn't get the glue to flow away from where it piled up. I've been looking into buying a heat gun but I'm not sure it would be worth it. I may end up making things worse.

By the way it's the stern of the ship that will face the viewer when the display is set up. It will be living alongside the tree stand which is in the upper left of this photo:

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