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Bind Your Own Book!

Got digital photos of your models? How about old prints or slides? Have a way of scanning or otherwise converting them to a digital format? Then let me show you the future of scrapbooking.

There's no need anymore to print individual photos and spend hours pasting them into a scrapbook or photo album. Today's photo sharing sites can print them into a book for you!

Sound like an advertisement? Sorry. Got carried away!

A couple of days work was all it took to organize, write and order my very own layout scrapbook.

A 30 page 8" by 11" hardbound book with dust jacket cost me $49.15 delivered. It would have been about $72, but I had a 40% off coupon for creating a new Shutterfly account. There were a lot of options for page layouts, including having the Shutterfly people do it for me. I chose to do it myself. I also chose to have plain white pages, but there were many backgrounds I could have used. There were also options for glossy paper, matte covers, etc. but the only extra I added was $5 for the dust jacket (gives it more class ).

This was a fun project! And a great way to catalog and present some of the better photos of the layout I've taken over the years.
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