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You are where?

Quick update - had some teachers over to discuss a workshop and followed that with a group build of the simple ARES I (for Kids) - available on the downloads here as part of the ARES stomp rocket. It was ... interesting ...

They weren't quite Chthulhu's Far Side rocket - only just. I think I need a redesign (fudge the scale accuracy as necessary) to allow them to build the solid rocket, second stage, and service module around common dowel and PVC pipe sizes. That way the kids can tightly wrap the parts around the dowel, then tape/glue/paste and end up with a "pretty" part.

Also worked up another couple of Moon missions - should be posted on the downloads.

Ranger Impactor
Yogi's builds - to boldy glue, where ...-p7070465.jpg
Lunar Orbiter
Yogi's builds - to boldy glue, where ...-p7110454.jpg
HITEN Japanese technology demonstrator
Yogi's builds - to boldy glue, where ...-p7110456.jpg

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