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Originally Posted by Vermin_King View Post
I know it stinks. Maybe some of the folks that are here will be able to help you know how to proceed.

I got really ticked off when I did a repaint of a model and showed someone how to go through the steps of doing it himself. After a lot of nagging, I finally relented and sent it to him. Less than three days later it was posted on a pirate site. At least they didn't credit me for it. That would have been even worse. I didn't feel like doing anything paper model related for a long time. I hope you continue, in spite of the jerks.
Yes Mr. king, These actions demotivate us for an instance but, carrying on with the passion for doing more papermodels is the best motivation. And to forget what has been done.

Originally Posted by BARX2 View Post
I try to be philosophical about these things, but I agree it's very annoying. I'm very generous and have given a cell phone to a friend's son, for instance. When you find out that things you generously gave were subsequently sold it can make you wary of doing it again. But you just have to chalk it up to people being people and move on, I guess. Maybe the guy selling paper models on that site is dirt poor and has no other income. He sees something of value and tries to earn a little something from it. Sorry if you were expecting outrage.
Hmm. You have got point. Let by gones be by gones.
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