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Couple more to go!

Schnellboot S-1 | 1:100
For sale from UA-s-1-117.jpg For sale from UA-s-1-117_01.jpg For sale from UA-s-1-117_02.jpg For sale from UA-s-1-117_03.jpg For sale from UA-s-1-117_04.jpg

Mitsubishi T-14 | 1:100
For sale from UA-21369545_1473453936064530_5943607299224244015_n.jpg For sale from UA-21369545_1473453936064530_5943607299224244015_n_01.jpg For sale from UA-21369545_1473453936064530_5943607299224244015_n_02.jpg For sale from UA-21369545_1473453936064530_5943607299224244015_n_03.jpg For sale from UA-21369545_1473453936064530_5943607299224244015_n_04.jpg For sale from UA-21369545_1473453936064530_5943607299224244015_n_05.jpg
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