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Time for the next October KoolWheelz release!!

A while back, someone on the forums posted a pic of a vintage Milk Bottle shaped delivery Truck.
I've always loved novelty themed and shaped vehicles, like the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile,
so I was totally fascinated by the Milk Bottle Trucks.

After a little research I discovered that many Dairies throughout the USA and Canada built their own
Bottle shaped delivery Trucks as promotional vehicles.
Many designs are similar, but no two trucks are exactly alike.
Although quite a few were built on mid 1930s International Truck chassis'....maybe it was a suggested starting point?

It turns out, one well known restored Bottle Truck, built on a 1937 International chassis, is from right here, in my area!
The Hall's Dairy Truck is a well known sight at local cars shows and other events in Ontario.
Hall's Dairy of Toronto may be long gone, but Barry Hall of Inisfill Ontario located and restored his Father's
original Bottle truck a few years back and now drives it regularly to events and parades.

Funny thing Daughter lives in Inisfill...its a small world!

Anyway, I started designing a Bottle Truck based on the Hall's Dairy truck,
since this was the only one I had good reference photos of
...but eventually I decided to not follow that Truck exactly
...and I decided to add my own finishing touches to the model.

Its now the "Dave's Dairy Milk Bottle Delivery Truck"!

The Milk Bottle Truck will be available in the Specialz section of my website.

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