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Smile The parts and kit

The kit design is good and relatively uncomplicated. It also has minimal internal framing that is common to so many new designs. I guess since it is round sections that are simply joined, there is no need to too much of internal structure. The kit is a repaint and small modifications to their earlier RF-84F and F-84F kit.

F-84F Thunderstreak- Hobby Model 1:33 scale-img_5305.jpgF-84F Thunderstreak- Hobby Model 1:33 scale-img_5309.jpgF-84F Thunderstreak- Hobby Model 1:33 scale-img_5310.jpg

As stated before, the printed paper quality is average and could have been better. In any case we shall see as the build continues. I think that the final product is an attractive looking model at average complexity. There also will be a compromise between metallic paper and just varying shades of gray. I personally do not like the metallic silver paper, so this kit is good for me as is.

In addition to the kit itself, I purchased the laser cut frames, canopy and resin wheels. So the build will be easier for me to build. However, a quick look at the model and I can see that it is not too difficult to do without all these extras.

F-84F Thunderstreak- Hobby Model 1:33 scale-img_5304.jpgF-84F Thunderstreak- Hobby Model 1:33 scale-img_5306.jpgF-84F Thunderstreak- Hobby Model 1:33 scale-img_5307.jpgF-84F Thunderstreak- Hobby Model 1:33 scale-img_5308.jpg

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