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Help! Aircraft with complex fuselage shapes

Putting this in the "Aviation" forum because it only affects my aircraft builds.

Another epic fail. This time it was Aaron's NASA T-38A. There have been too many others.

I seem to do fine if an aircraft has a round fuselage, or formers are included. But success with fuselages having complex shapes, like the T-38, X-29, A-5A and others without formers has eluded me. Modelers like papermate and nikischutt produce excellent results with such kits, so I know it's my problem and not the kit design.

Can anyone suggest ways to conquer these types of kits? I'm not unskilled or unpracticed. I've been building card models since around 2008, and have little difficulty producing very good (IMO) models of rockets and spacecraft.

Thoughts welcome!

Les (The Voice of Authority)
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