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I did some details on "Duyfken", so have a look.

1. Window decorations are made with thick paint on paper stripes, than glued to the model:

2. To make "railings" I used three layers of cardboard, where the one in the middle is yellow:

3. Finally the stern can be shown, as I rebuild it three times. I change the crest of Fremantle to Amsterdam one (thank you Ab for pointing me the correct one:-). The picture with a dove is made of two layers, the upper part with the sailship is so small, that my printer did not print the phrase "A 1606":-)))

4. The head timbers are so small and so "complicated" in 1:100 scale, that I decided to glue railings first, then I adjusted and trimmed timbers:

5. So now she looks like this:

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