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Hello friends,

@herky, that's right, that's the reason why I try to build this bird!
@Mike1158, thank you for nice "WOW", but what does "Dood" means? I'm not familiar with spoken english.

the game comes into motion...

pic 1: wing upperside not folded
pic 2: wing downside without hull
pic 3: another point of view.
pic 4: slowly folding (because we are looking from downside, the folding is in the direction away from our point of view).
pic 5: more folding...
pic 6: folding ready.
pic 7: another point of view.

problems? a lot:
1) to find the right length's of the rod system.
2) I don't get the paper stiff enough.
3) the distance between the rods must be enlarged
4) the axles are papermade, because the metal ones are difficult to produce
5) after drilling the holes for the rods, the paper is strongly stressed, so it segregates in single layers .
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