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OK so this poll has ended and looking at the numbers here, one would think there is an obvious winner. Actually I posted the same on Facebook and had some additional votes to tally.

Here are the results:

8th: 2K12 Kub with three votes
7th: JT-34 with 4 votes
4th thru 6th: EP-09, BR-52, and L-34 combo with 5 votes each
3rd: PT-47 with 7 votes
2nd: DUT 0502 with 8 votes
1st: Famo combo with 9 votes

So here's the plan: the Famo combo will be my next long term project, but I'm also going to start the crane.

I have just ordered tracks for the stug and famo, laser parts for the stug and photoetch details for the stug so it will definitely be an interesting project so stay tuned. The crane will be build without any extra stuff. Oh and I also ordered laser wheels for the PT-47, so it won't be far behind...

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