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This is the second of my 3 Christmas train layouts (Disneyland, Postwar and Prewar). The first 30 seconds of it feature a stop motion chase scene of a reproduction Lionel Wartime Freight Train, also known as the "Paper Train". It got that name because war production board restrictions prevented Lionel and other toy manufacturers from using steel during WWII, So Lionel turned to a cereal box and premiums manufacturer to have some of their prewar trains reproduced as heavy cardstock kits that kids could assemble and play with. Originals in unassembled condition are rare and pricey, so in the late 80's Greenberg Publishing reproduced the Paper Train so modern collectors could have a crack at building one. Other than the Paper Train there aren't any paper models in this video. But there is 5 minutes of postwar Lionel and American Flyer action with a bit of animation and other nonsense thrown in for good measure.

Oh, and the Doctor has a hair raising experience too! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
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