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Hello everybody,

in the direct comparison of the two ETs I noticed that the Revell IT is about three millimeters further back than on the Airfix ET, while the lengths and diameters are almost identical.

And because we are comparing the two stack kits, I also looked at the SRBs a bit more closely and also found some differences.

Apart from the smaller number of lower rings, the Revell-SRB appears less filigree than the Airfix SRB, particularly caused by the larger Aft Skirt Hold-down Posts and the sturdier supports on the ET Attachment Ring, although the diameters are comparable.

If one compares the two undersides of the Aft Skirts, one will notice that the ring-shaped heat shield on the Airfix SRB is too narrow-breasted, which Revell has not solve optimally, but at least better,

what the comparison with this picture makes clear, even if it is just a Mock-up on the KSC grounds.

Source: NASA

Probably that has animated my ARC friend Bill (niart17) to 3D-modeling of his Heat shields (1:72).

Source: (niParts)

But neither the heat shield of the Mock-up nor the 3D printing are perfect, as the original consists of 24 segments, as one can see in this drawing.

Source: Space Transportation System - HAER No. TX-116
And so it is also with the kits, no on is perfect, everyone has their advantages and disadvantages.

Greetings from Germany
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