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Hello everybody,

now, of course, the question araises, how one could preferably scratch this heat shield, has anyone from the round possibly a useful tip?

Here also still an original photo, whereby these foam insulation under the rings in the early missions did not exist then.

Source: NASA

At first I thought of a suitable ring that one would have to halve, but so far I could not find anything like that.

Or I could try to model such a half ring, e.g. by using Epoxie Sculpt on a circular ring from Sheet.

The easiest way would be for sure if I could motivate Michael Key to model such heat shields in 1/144 for 3D printing, similar as my friend Bill (niart17) made it in 1/72, although I do not necessarily want to overwhelm him with further extra wishes.
So, what else are there for suggestions or ideas?

Greetings from Germany
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