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Originally Posted by beckychestney View Post
Anyhoo. In the process of looking that up, I found these:

They made me think about suggesting oven bake clay?
Hi Becky,

first of all thanks for the great article and photos, which are a crucial help for solving one of my last riddles about a strange equipment on the interior walls of the SRB Exhaust Chambers of the MLP.

When looking at the circled detail of this photo, I immediately recalled, because it's strangely wrapped on many photos, as one can see here.

Source: NASA

Here one can detect a little bit more,

Source: NASA

and here one can see it under the SRB Aft Skirt,

Source: NASA

in direct contact with the above circled interface, and both parts are like chalk and cheese.

If I did not have you, Becky!

But nevertheless the question remains, what these equipments were used for?

Maybe dhanners can help?

Greetings from Germany
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