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Hi, everybody.
Thank you for comments, they are motivating.
As December '17 was the worst month in my life, I was not able to focus on building models. Now things look better and I am back:-)

I prepared many details for Dufken: artillery, deadeyes, cleats, gunport lids and so on, etc, etc...
A lion is more similar to "Alien" creatures, but in 1:100 is acceptable. I made it of cardboard layers and thick glue. Then painted:

Nothing innovatory with the artillery:

The anchor:

I also made the smallest single and double blocks in my life. They are 1,5 mm long, but with hooks they were still too big for rigging the artillery. Finnaly I cut off hooks and simply glued them to gun carriages.

I placed all the details on the ship and now she is ready for masts and sails:

(next pictures in the next post)....

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