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Hi all

Thanks for all the interest in this little project.

Well my colour ink cartridge has just give up on me, lost count of the amount of refills its had
Time to buy a new one!!

So I thought it was time to give this lady here ID
I have cropped out three sections from the mid upper turret to half of the tail section so you can see her.

The second photo is of a test fit of ribs 8 and 7 for size, as hoped they seem to do the job. These are only quick test parts made from cheap thin card.
I now have most of the forms needed to start building some of the sections.
I just have a few small problems on a few of the skins.
An example of this is if you look at the roundel in the top section of the photo, it is not round if the parts are fitted together, so need to alter that There is a little over half on each one, I'm putting it down to old age .
In the finished model the white lines will not be there, I'm using them as a gauge to check fitting around each section. They will be changed to something like a dark grey colour, just light enough to see but not stand out.
Just sitting now working the drawings for the two engine mounts while thinking of turrets

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