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Originally Posted by Thales View Post
The IXS Enterprise is one of those spaceships that I wanted to have on my desk since I first saw it. Based upon that, and talking with a few people on #themaxx (efnet) and #modelmakers (snoonet)... they convinced me to give it a go. I'm aiming for 1/96... so 64cm long.

This is a great project. I like seeing people do parallel designs as it encourages innovation and improvement. I think that you chose an interesting project as well. Mt compliments. I am watching this thread.

Also compliments on your choice of avatars. I came very close to selecting that very same image, but honestly, I was convinced to pick the one I use due to the presence of the fedora...

Now the pic of older Tesla in the fedora???? That's always an alternate contender!

Here' looking at this thread...
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