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Toothpick and the super glue! That sounds very interesting. These are the crucial secret master lessons I am hoping for I was making a mess my way.

So only super glue on the red break lines but the hull rings are still glue together with regular glue, right? My problem was that when I glued the rings together I was not able to reach the break lines with the super glue, but with the toothpick method I can see that it will work.

I also noticed that the closing of my rings lead to the gap you mentioned, Yoav, and hoped it was not too bad. But maybe it caused some of my problems. I don't think that it is the source of the huge gap between the front hull and the end rings. I was examining the model again today and I found this, which I think is the real culprit.

The last transversal rib is misaligned by at least 1mm! Looking back at the photos from the rib cage I can see that it was there but I haven't noticed it. I have to admit I was not thinking I had to be that precise and I might have rushed things a little in my youthful euphoria (I do feel 25 years younger when building this!)

I will continue to build with this one and see how far I can go before nothing goes. It is after all my first try and there is so much I am learning. I will try a second attempt later where I hopefully reconcile all the lessons learnt.

Happy building,
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