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I have been sort of winging this diorama, letting it lead me down the road. My plan has finally gelled and here is a description of what the final product should look like. I am sure there will be minor changes (small details added), but the general description will hold true. The footprint will be approximately 22 inches by 34 inches. Placing the 22 inch side in front of you. with the 34 inch side leading away from you, the Guild Hall and White Hart Inn will be in the lower right hand corner. The Clock Tower of Jake's Corner will be in the upper left hand corner. A curving dirt road, starting near the lower left corner and ending near the upper right corner, will leave the two buildings on opposite sides of the road. I stone surfaced courtyard will surround the Guild/Inn building on three sides. I may add a well for the horses, but then I may not. ??? The long rear side of the building will be bordered by grass. The Clock Tower will have a smaller stone surfaced courtyard in front of the building and extending around the left side. Road traffic will be busy. There will be the Fancy Coach, pulled by 4 horses, coming from the direction of London, followed by two villagers, each leading a pack horse. From the other direction, you will see two freight wagons, each pulled by 2 horses, followed in the distance by a unicorn with a female villager riding sidesaddle. In the Guild/Inn courtyard will be 1 Fodor coach ( all coaches will have two horses) 1 straight sided Tudor coach and 2 slant sided Tudors of different colors. The coaches will all have small freight loads and there will be two or three villagers with hand carts heading for the coaches. In the courtyard of the Clock Tower you will see 1 Tudor carriage (two horses) and a merchants wagon (two horses) set up for a sales effort of cloth and tea (maybe some other items). There will be numerous villagers wondering about. Some working; some not.

The wheels and the horses are the time consumers, along with the tack harnesses for the horses. Each wheel is 10 layers and each horse is 14 layers. This alone could drain my supply of Tullamore Dew. The other time consumer is the egg crate bracing I use for the inside of the buildings. My goal is to have the whole thing assembled by Sept 1, so that I will still have good weather to build the cover for it. Well, there is the plan, but as the old military axiom states, "The best plan never survives first contact with the enemy".
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