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Thanks you all my friends. Nice to hear you are enjoying this build as I do.

And, Nando, to answer you, YES I'm VERY concerned about how to show this model once it will be finished!

As I told you recently I realized only now (after about 18 months of researches, drawing and test building) that the best way to appreciate the big amount of details in this model, should be to undergo a miniaturization process and phisically enter in it. As long as such process is not available I'm afraid the best enjoyment will be looking at the photos I'm sharing with you here in the forum.

Jokes apart... the only way to look into the cabin, as you can imagine (if you look at last photo in the first post of this thread) will be to provide a removable top. The way this will be achieved (especially with the outer skin in place) is all to be defined.

My next work steps, in few words, are the following:

1) build fuselage front section using rescaled Thorst's parts
2) test fitting my cabin into the resulting section
3) determine cutting lines that will define the final section of the shuttle to be displayed
4) elaborate a way to give the needed strenght to the sectioned front section and to keep in position the inserted cabin.
5) decide where to cut the top side to permit its opening (with some kind of hinges...I suppose)
6) redraw the final external parts according to measurement taken on the test build
7) build actual outer fuselage
8) draw exterior details (all separate tiles !!! ) cut and paste them on the outer skin
9) place lights and electrical connections
10) assemble all the stuff togheter
11) realize a base to host all the above mentioned...

Some more work to do...I'm afraid this thing won't be ready for next exhibitions in Turin...!
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