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I find designing much more enjoyable now.

I put things out there that are subjects I find interesting, and am thrilled when I see one built, but I don't expect them to be built.

I was especially getting frustrated when folks would request a certain topic, I design a model for them, and then they never built it. Now I really only do requests made by folks that have a history of building them. I also got fed up and threw in the towel on this hobby when I did a request for someone, and in three days it was on a pirate site.

I'm back, but designing things that interest me, and probably few others. Things that should have a paper model, but no one has done one. I also design models of a historical nature that are probably going to disappear, like the bank that Harry Truman worked for before he got into politics, the old Marshall's house and jail locally, and I hope to do some more local interest stuff.

As has been said, people collect models with varying degrees of desire to build the models. Even Volker from racepaper has model sheets 'suitable for framing'.

You just have to do things for you, and if someone wants to build it, be thrilled that they did
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