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3D modeling makes some designs easier.
Especially if you have limited artistic abilities.
And 3D software makes it easy to work from elevation views or to use existing 3D designs.
Too many so called "designers" out there now.

I don't use 3D software...only because I don't have the time and patience to learn a new software.
I'd like to be able to design the complex shape of something like a fuselage and wing attachment.
But I have friends like Nobi!

Personally I get by with my artistic ability and CorelDraw.
Design in the mind...envision the structure, envision the unfolding of the structure, envision the unfolded parts.
Then draw them, in vector, in 2D.

I use vector and raster software to colour, texture and fill.

AS far as modifying an existing rescaling and recolouring...
you don't need the original artwork.
Once again, there are programs that can open, invade and tear apart existing files.
PDFs for example, can often be opened into layers and original vector elements.
Depends on how far the original designer went to optimize the pages.
But even a rastered page can be toyed with in a graphics/paint editor and then modified.
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