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Originally Posted by gerard1938 View Post
Yes, that fondles the ego, how childish as someone over here called it, it may be.
Although, as long as you're not like children you won't ever reach (modeler's) heaven ;-)

How do you draw your models ?
Manually, by raster graphics or using a vector (CAD) programme ?
Once someone asked me whether he could re-scale one of my pdf's and alter texture and registration but I haven't got an answer on how he thought to do it without the original dwg and yet maintainig correct proportions.

I think that was me. I don't actually have graphics software and did most of my recolors using Adobe Reader to capture screenshots and MS Powerpoint to edit the contents from the clipboard. As you can imagine, this is fairly limited and doesn't work for gradient or multicolor schemes so I gave up on my recolor of your Beaver. Sorry!