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Burrell - Thomson

Here is one of the most unlikely vehicles I've seen - so I had to make it!

I came across it on the robotechnik-paper site following Darwin's thread a few weeks ago.

It's a very simplified version of a steam driven vehicle. I guess it could be seen as a vintage version of a modern truck tractor unit. The picture on the web site shows it a towing a canon.

If anyone decides to make it, make sure you follow the picture instructions, by making most of the sub assemblies first then refer to page two for the position of the parts - I didn't and almost had to start all over again.

It is quite an easy build but a bit fiddly as the vehicle is only 4 1/2 inches long. It even comes with a figure but unfortunately it is two front views which looks a bit odd when they are glued together.

I now have to decide what to make next.........


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