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Originally Posted by Mike Stamper View Post
Thanks for all your comments.

I agree with you about pioneers - Look at Carl Benz - I don't think he would have imagined the speed of current cars - in his day it was deemed impossible to travel at 30MPH and survive!

It's not that long ago since Bill Gates thought that the UK would only need about 3 computers!
Tsk...tsk...step 1 - engage brain...step 2 - research before using keyboard.

"There is a world market for perhaps 5 computers" - said by Thomas Watson - founder of IBM in 1943. Bill Gates was hardly a gleam in anyone's eye in 1943.

The 30 mph barrier is derived from the reported proceedings of the Parliamentary enquiry into the Liverpool to Manchester railway where the steam engineer George Stephenson asserted that speeds of 30 mph were possible and safe on the railway. The committee found this totally outrageous. Stephenson's railway achieved speeds of 36 mph.

I really liked the model of the Burrell engine - there are very few models of the steam traction engines around. I've got the 1891 mortar on Landships II if you don't want to try to negotiate*-
the designer is Sergey Kamotsky.

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