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Mille Miglia Custom Chopper Papermodel

Fellow Papermodelers,

This is a migrated thread from a different forum (some of you may know which one). I've brought it here as some people may not be able to view it properly in the other forum and also to increase exposure.

I've begun design on a custom chopper papermodel as a tribute to the awesome work of Marcus Walz. If you've followed the TV show Biker Build-off on Discovery Channel, you may have seen the episode where Marcus Walz appeared and built one of his great works of art, the Mille Miglia (Thousand Miles) bike.

Although I'm a general fan of custom chopper style motorcycles, I thought this one was extra special. I've been wanting to make one of my own since I could never afford to buy the real thing.

I got the picture of the real bike below from the Walz hardcore cycles website (beware there are is some adult content so it may not be safe for work or children--you've been warned!).

Walz Hardcore Cycles

I'm going pretty high detail on this one but hopefully I won't go too far and make it impossible to build. I'm pretty slow with my 3d modeling so progress has been slow. I'm also freehanding this one so it won't be exactly like the real bike (I'm also taking some artistic liberties). My plan is to one day release it as a free model. Any comments (good, bad, and constructive are all welcome).

Here are all my updates to date:


other pics from update 1:


Other pics from update2:



Other pics from update4:


Other pics from update5:


Other pic from update 6:

Update 7:


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