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Airfield Diorama Accessories Kits updated!

Not sure if this is of interest to many...anyone?...
but if nothing else, its got me playing with design work again.
Hopefully get me back in the mood to work on my Civil Aviation accessories...


I am updating my original Airfield Accessory Kits.
More info on the original kits here:

Airfield Accessories I Airfield Accessories Diorama Parts 1/50 scale Kit + CONTEST!

Airfield Accessories II Airfield Diorama Accessories Kit II by airdave

Airfield Accessories III Modern Airfield Diorama Accessories III Modern by airdave

The original kits were done in 1/50 scale.
They can of course, easily be printed at smaller scales.
But upscaling requires bigger format printing or editing the pages.

Someone recently brought up the idea of using the accessories with my 1/33 aircraft models.
All my Mustangs, P47s, Spitfires, etc are 1/33 scale.
And they asked about enlarging the prints.

This got me thinking.

So, I decided to clean up all the kits...update the covers and layouts...
and upscale everything to 1/33.
I think the quality is there in the models to suit the upsize.
A couple of the vehicles are a bit simplified in their design
but the artwork makes them good enough for the larger scale.

And print reductions are still a snap...just output at any reduction percentage.

So thats what I am working on now.
That, and releasing a new batch of Koolwheelz models.

And, as I said, I am hoping to keep the flow going and get back to working on the Civil Aviation Accessories Kit.
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