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Originally Posted by silveroxide View Post
When we will you unfold it. I would like to see a build on it.
Good question . I'm kind of off and on with this project so its hard to predict when I'll reach major milestones. I think I can probably reach unfolding stage by maybe end of summer (for us northern hemisphere folks). I still have many details and some texturing to do. I'll definitely show the build process when I get to it, though. Thanks for your interest.

Originally Posted by airdave View Post
I am hoping you share this when you are done!!
I want to repaint this bike and offer it up on my website.
(I already have a paper Van for download)

Since I airbrush bikes and stuff...this will be a fantastic promo!

I would of course share the repaint back with you!
Cool, man. So you'll build it and custom paint it or the other way around? Sounds pretty cool. It will be a while, but when its done I can offer it as an unlocked pdf or PDO file. Hope that's ok with you.

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