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Originally Posted by didibuch View Post
Hi Ruben,

there are two other modelers working on this nice tower:
This one just finished, this one still working on it.

I will watch your tower growing, have much fun and a sharp knife.

Thanks a lot for those links!
Since they are advanced in the build, I will study them carefully. It will be very helpful.

Originally Posted by Lex View Post
I had just scaled the tower on foot last December (you get a souvenir card for doing so). I never knew UHU had such a detailed model, will be watching with great interest. The details looks amazing from your photo
Sorry, I hadn't noticed your message Lex.
Yes, the detail is impressive. That's what makes it attractive to build.
You scaled it! It's more than 600 steps isn't it?

Today: she's standing on all four legs.

The square frame at the bottom is temporary. It will be kept for some time
to help the structure to stand and to avoid deformation of the sides because
it will have to withstand a lot of manipulation in the following stages.

When the kit's base is ready I will cut the frame and install the tower in its proper base.

Thanks for reading, and until next time!
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