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My Sweet Lard!! You have done a great job here Rata and DB! Earlier today I sent DB a PM asking if he was OK as I had not seen him post here. Now I see why.

So did you use your silk thread to rig Rata?

Yes Yellow Wings are my favorite aerioplanes. I just wish someone would do a P-12E. It seems the P-6E and P-26 get all the attention. There were more P-12's than those two put together! (DB, check that please)

Glad to see everyone else joining in.

If you check Roman V. (der Kampffliegger) has a huge collection of these planes. I have done his F4B-4 and have probably all of them waiting on my hard drive. F3B, F3F, SBU, Ryan trainer, F4B, F9C, Curtiss Hawks, SBC. wonderful schemes from not just the US but many countries. Most of which I knew nothing about.

Bruno has made a great contribution to this hobby but I feel very strongly that we really need to support our other designers who charge a mere pittance compared to a plastic kit for their hours of work.

Nobi, Aaron Murphy and Roman V. are some of the nicest guys you will ever know. They love this hobby as passionately as any of you. Aaron even offers a design service to make any aerioplane you ever wanted!! Roman V. no longer does paper kits because he is trying to make some money doing 3D "squirt out" models (Done on a 3D printer) LookItUp

Ok. Time to get off my soap box. I just hope everyone here will pay for what all these designers who are our friends are doing for this hobby. If you don't they will do something else and you will be left with downloading stolen Russian crap from the 1980's.
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