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Originally Posted by Don Boose View Post
Murph - That describes the black and white image at Wikipedia (BuNo 0922 -, for which I can't help you yet on the tail (red, most likely) or wing/cowl (white, most likely). But Peter Freeman did a beautiful color 4-view of an NJ-1 (BuNo 0910) based at Pensacola. Aluminum fuselage, yellow top wings, red empennage, cowling, and wing/fuselage stripes denoting an instrument trainer. Peter Freeman, Wings of the Fleet: US Navy & Marine Corps Aviation 1919-1941, On Target Special, Ardington, Oxfordshire, UK: The Aviation Workshop Publications Ltd., 2010, p. 53.

Another good color scheme is BuNo 0937 assigned to the Carrier Division Two Flag Unit: dark blue fuselage, silver (aluminum) wings and empennage. Side view in Freeman, p. 55.

Photographs of both aircraft in John M. Elliott, The Official Monogram US Navy & Marine Corps Aircraft Color Guide, Volume 1, 1911-1939, Boylston, MA: Monogram Aircraft Publications, 1987, p. 145.

And William T. Larkins, U.S. Navy Aircraft 1921-1941, Concord, CA: Aviation History Publications, 1961, has excellent side view photographs of 0910 (p. 22), 0937 (p. 233), and a three-quarters starboard rear view of an all-silver Pensacola staff airplane (BuNo 0944).

I can send you the images, if you are interested.


Yes please.
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