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Anyone having a problem with acces to any of my websites?
is your browser, your anti-virus, your anti-malware blocking access?

Someone has reported a problem to me...but I'm not sure what may have changed.
I know that Internet security is becoming extremely vigilant, more and more every day
But good sites and non-malicious content is being flagged and blocked for no apparent reason.

If there is something wrong with one of my sites, or if this blocking is unwarranted,
I want to fix it, or report the problem.

Try my various pages and let me know if you experience a real problem.
Specifically, an actual page or site block.
Maybe you could send me a screengrab of whatever you see? [email] My "jump" page...access to my card model related sites.
There are three links on this page that will take you to three different places. My personal Art site and the background host for all my web places. Self explanatory...actually hosted on ecardmodels space. Self explanatory

MY DESIGNS & FREE STUFF: Dave's Card Creations
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