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Dave's Websites & Security Warnings (Phishing)

It has been brought to my attention that a security/malware warning appeared related to my website.
This is strictly a Norton users issue.

It is related only to (which is actually just my "jump-page" to all three of my sites)
and it is also related to my paper model Forum: (

This is actually the second recent report about this issue.
Another fellow with Norton security reported this to me.
Its something new...for Norton users only...
I've checked, and dozens of other visitors are not getting this alert.

And I am looking into it.
Just don't want you to think I am involved in anything nefarious.

90% of visitors to my websites are looking for the Koolwheelz models.
I am approaching 1 million downloads of my Koolwheelz model collection (135 different free models)
with no complaints like this, so far.
And I really enjoy sharing them with others...thats why this concerns me.

I can assure you there is nothing malicious on any of my websites (that I have put there).
I also don't have any paid advertising or advertisements, other than a few of my own links to my other websites.

The warnings appear to be related to Norton's reaction to Google analytics and Cloud based backups.
Google monitors a lot of different activity as part of its support and back-up systems,
and the hidden Google files (collecting various types of information) are what is setting off Norton's "phishing" warnings.
I have a report from Norton pointing directly to one of these Google document folders (which has since been deleted).

I am looking into removing google analytics from the main directory of files where my websites are hosted.
I think this is part of the File Host's backups.

This does not affect my main websites Dave's Card Creations or PaperModelShop,
which are not hosted at the same place as the "jump-page" and the Forum.
Unfortunately many people go through the jump-page to get to my sites.

I share the free Koolwheelz models on Dave's Card Creations ...I sell models through PaperModelShop.
All my models are digital downloads in PDF form and I handle the distribution.
When you click to download a model on my site, you are transferred to another, even more secure site for the download.

My files are all uploaded to my Mediafire storage where they are thoroughly scanned by Mediafire's security.
I couldn't upload a malware infected file even if I wanted to...Mediafire wouldn't let me.
When you download a file, you are getting a clean virus-scanned PDF.
Rest assured, whatever problem Norton thinks it's seeing at, still has nothing to do with anything downloaded from me.
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