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beta-builder for an AC-47D in 1:200?

Since July is apparently DC-3/C-47 month...

Anyone wants to test-build an AC-47D in SEA camo? it's a recolor/edit of Bruno's 1:300 DC-3/C-47. 1:200 or 1:300.

Points to check are camo alignment across parts, orientation of the US insignia on fuselage, orientation/positioning. of the Spooky badge on the nose.

I was going to do it but the cyan cartridge died during printing. You're free not to use the additional parts (antenna on the back of fuselage, position light at the top of the fin, main landing gear, ersatz of miniguns (4? I thought there were only 3? though the last window before the door is obturated on some profiles and pics)).
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