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I have to be blunt...
just telling me that you had a problem downloading a file or getting to a page isn't helpful
without proof, evidence of the occurance, or facts to help diagnose the problem.

I've had a couple of reports recently of people trying to access a Koolwheelz download
and when they are clicking on a Model subject, they are blocked from getting to the mediafire download page.
(The page that actually has the download link for the model PDF)

This appears to be an issue with security software blocking access to sites for some specific reason.
Like Public Library computers blocking access to various Internet locations and activities.

If this occurs, and you are blocked in way getting to any part of my website
or blocked trying to access a model file (download), please let me know.

Also, if you experience any sort of warning of malicious activity or content
from any part of my website or with any download, please let me know.

Please keep in mind, I require screengrabs of the warnings/blocks.
Please instantly take a screengrab(capture) of whatever you see and send it to me.
I am trying to report these issues to mediafire, but they are requesting more specific information
along with details of the operating system and related software to recreate the instance.

How to ScreenGrab-Capture-Print Screen

Every Windows operating system has a Print Screen Key.
PrtSC is usually found to the right of the F12 key, somewhere above your Delete key.

Whatever is on your screen is captured when you press this key and saved on your "clipboard"(memory).
Every time you press the Key, you overwrite the last screengrab.

To view and save the screengrab, you need to open the image in a Graphics editor.
If you don't use an artwork program, try using Windows Paint.
Go to Start (bottom left of your screen) and click All Programs.
Look for Accessories and then find Paint.
Its installed in every Windows operating system.
Open Paint and press Control(Ctrl) and the V key (this is the paste function).
The screengrab image should appear in just save the image as a jpeg, wherever you want.
Upper left corner, drop down menu, choose Save As...)

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