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Originally Posted by lehcyfer View Post
Wow! I'm flabbergasted!

It's extremelly intriguing ship.

I want to build one too :D Will you publish it?
ahh.... really, this time it could be almost impossible to publish it, because... well, this model is really a hybrid: I mean, there's paper, ok... but there's even a huge amount of "kitbashed" plastic and that's due to my (poor!) past in plastic scratchbuilding. when I decided to use paper instead of styrene, my mind gave birth to this ship, a sort of passage from a tecnique to the other. I think I could make available the paper structure but that would be, more or less, the 50% of the model. are you familiar with Rhinoceros 4.0?

Originally Posted by SJPONeill View Post
Are you sure that's paper??? Looks awesome!!

Am very interested in your build first then paint approach....
Originally Posted by imcold View Post
Yeah, the underside looks cool - and weathering, that's the fun part, I'm looking forward to see that Did you use a regular brush or some spray for painting?
thanx I'll answer both of you: I used normal paper covered with an adhesive clear plastic sheet (for the same reason of some lines before and that's why it doesn't seems paper) and the primer is a common gray spray paint. weathering will be added with a brush, I don't have any airbrush. that's way I'm interested in learnig how to put a texture on the model before printing it... less laborious and if the texture is good enough, the result would be great the same
take a look at my works on Flickr (link)
PLEASE, feel free to correct my English: it's very important for me, a useful way to improve it!
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